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Holy bible, how to read?

You may like to read the Bible and you may want to read it, but there will always be something on the way as if it wasn’t that important anyway. But no one goes without food because it’s just a basic need we all have. That’s the same for the Bible, it’s our spiritual food and without it, we’ll get spiritually weaker and weaker.

The following symptoms reveal when one hasn’t been feeding from the Word of God:

- No words to pray

- Clueless of what to do in different situations

- Lack of understanding regarding what the pastor preaches

- Easily deceived by false doctrines

- No arguments to talk about Jesus and to evangelize

- No strength to fight

- Weak before sin


There are popular Bible versions that omit some crucial verses of the Bible, therefore we at The Universal Church recommend ‘New King James’ version. It’s the most true to the original we’ve found so far.


The Bible is not just another book. It’s the Word of God and though different people wrote it many years ago, it’s the most updated book anyone can ever read. It talks about every area of a person’s life, giving its reader guidance found nowhere else in the world. So in order for you to take the most out of it, pray before each time you read that God may speak to you through that reading and He will.


In order for you to get the most out your reading, you should not do it in places or times that you’ll find it hard to concentrate. The Bible needs to be read slowly, eating every word you read. Find an appropriate place and time to slowly digest it.


You don’t have to start reading the Bible from Genesis, though you might want to know a little background on God’s creation and how the faith came about in this world. But as a total beginner, we recommend you start from the Gospels, that is, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These four books talk about the time when our Lord Jesus came to the Earth and revealed the true identity of the Father.


Nobody understands the whole Bible. Be patient with yourself and read anyway. If you come across a passage you don’t understand, don’t worry, in time you will. That’s how it is for every one who reads the Bible. God always speaks of what is relevant to you at the time you’re reading, so meditate in what you’re reading and have your ears open to hear Him speak. When He doesn’t speak, it’s because it’s not relevant to you then.

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