Have you noticed that much of your behaviour has to do with the media? TV, Internet, movies, novels, magazines—and even your friends—may make you act, talk and dress in a certain way. It is not by chance that there is so much advertising on them.

But when we stop to think about the things we do or say, and we decide it is time to change inside, we often find it hard. This is because our focus is on the everyday struggles, worldly events, idle talks, and a lot of other things that most of the times are unnecessary to us. The Fast of Jesus, however, will help us in this personal journey of the human spirit and the Spirit of God.

This fast is based on the biblical passage of Matthew 4, which refers to the time that the Lord Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. For 40 days, He did not eat meat or delicacies and drank no wine. In our fast, however, we will abstain from secular inf