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Fast of Daniel first day

In the same way that God is three in one, we are also three in one: body, soul and spirit.

In order for you to truly get the best out of life, you need to look after each of the three diligently.

If their specific needs are neglected, your life will become imbalanced, problems will arise, losses and damages will begin to ruin everything, leading to the biggest loss of all – the loss of salvation!

During this 21-day Fast of Daniel, through the daily tasks, we’ll be diligently looking after our body, soul and spirit! Daily tasks will be posted every morning on the church’s pages and chats.

BODY – Task 1

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (See 1 Corinthians 6:19) and therefore must be well taken care of with zeal and respect.

During these 21 days, decide to give it the due attention that it needs and deserves, making sure that you are meeting its every need.

Task: Acknowledge the true nature of your body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Make a vow with God that you will treat your body with zeal and respect, you will not damage or be careless with it.

Find out what’s your ideal weight, check your BMI (body mass index). Find out more about it at Get ready to get in shape – body, soul & spirit!

SOUL – Task 1

When you walk, who controls your steps? When you feel pain, who experiences the feelings? When you like someone, who feels the emotions? Your soul does!

This is the part of you that is eternal. For this reason, it is extremely important that you take care of it. Think of it this way: this is what Jesus came to the earth to save.

In this life, nothing is as important as the salvation of your soul. Jesus once said that we should rejoice for knowing that our names are written in Heaven, that means, in the Book of Life.

Task: This task will be by far, the most important of your life: Make sure your soul is saved!

Be honest and humble to acknowledge the true condition of your soul. How have your eyes been towards yourself and others? What feelings have you been keeping in your heart? What conversations have you been entertaining?

How have you been conducting your life? Have you been getting closer to God or have you been distancing yourself from Him?

Examine yourself and whatever poses a threat to your salvation, decide to cut off! You can do it, no more excuses, this may be your last chance, don’t waste it.

SPIRIT – Task 1

Our spirit is what connects us to God.

If God was soul, He would communicate directly to our soul. If He were body he would communicate in a physical way. God is Spirit and His communication with us is therefore from Spirit to spirit.

The way that we connect with anyone is by spending quality time with them. You give your time, your attention, you give of yourself and you listen.

With God it’s no different. Prayer, fasting and meditating on His word, are different ways that we connect with Him. Remember, it’s not about the quantity – it’s about the quality of your prayer time, the focus in your fasting and the undivided attention in your meditation.

Task: Start and finish your day meditating on God’s word. How many are those who the first thing they do when waking up, is to pick up their phones to check e-mails, messages, social networks, etc.? For this task, you will not only commit to disconnect from what does not bring you closer to God, but also focus on connecting with His Spirit.

The first thing you will do the moment you wake up will be to pick up your paper Bible! Anoint yourself with the Holy Oil and ask God to speak to you as you meditate on His Word. Seek the Holy Spirit for a few minutes.

At night, the last thing you will do before going to bed, again, will be to meditate on God’s word and seek the Holy Spirit. You can connect to at 10pm and do it together with thousands of people who will be in the same different spirit with you!

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