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Fast of Daniel fourth day

BODY - Task

Are you a fan of fizzy drinks?

According to research, have a look at the negative impact they may cause to your body:

- The high fructose content and acids such a as phosphoric acid and citric acid in your system can lead to various types of health issues and diseases including cancer.

- High blood pressure which could lead to heart attacks.

- Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

- Weight gain/ Obesity.

Task - During these 21 days, eliminate this hazard from your diet and keep going!

Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

SOUL - Task

Don't forget: "If you are saving souls, you are saving your soul." The benefit is mutual.

Task - Invite a guest who is struggling at the moment to join you this Sunday at 7:30pm for the Day of the Desperate Soul.


Today, we will start meditating on the 7 letters of the book of Revelation. They will help you know your spiritual condition.

Meditate on Revelation 2:1-7 - The Loveless Church.

(Only read the text below after reading the Bible passage)

Repent and do the first works. These words serve as a warning to those who started off well in their life with God but grew negligent over time. The church of Ephesus presented deeds that pleased the Lord.

For exemple, it would not tolerate evil men, testing false apostles and finding them to be liars (v.2); it endured trials for the sake the Name of the Lord Jesus; it persevered and did not allow itself to become weary (v.3); and it hated the works of the Nicolaitans (v.6).

Yet while doing all of this, it had fallen because it had abandoned its first love. There was only one way to leave that state: repent and return to the first works.

Repentance is the only way for the fallen to stand up and return to their first love.

Task - In your mind, go back to the time where you were giving the first steps in your faith. Begin to remember what brought you close to God and what made a difference in your relationship with Him.

Do something that you used to do when you first started in your faith.

As you seek God today, ask Him to renew your First Love.

Reminder: Continue asking God to help you overcome anxieties and to trust in Him.

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