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Fast of Daniel sixth day


Staying hydrated is one of the basic rules of health and nutrition. Our bodies can supposedly last weeks without food and yet just a few days without water.

Task: Drink 8 glasses of water throughout of the day.


Certain problems in our lives can only be overcome through fasting and prayer.

Task: Open a fast today against all evil forces that wants to destroy your life and make you lose your salvation. Use this spiritual weapon to combat whatever is trying to dominate you. (i.e. evil thoughts, sinful desires, negative feelings)


Meditate on revelation 2:12-17 - The Compromising Church.

Only read the text below after reading the Bible passage.

Balaam was a false and corrupt prophet who had betrayed his own conscience for money. He was only interested in material profit, so he made use of what he knew with no scruples at all. His doctrine consisted of encouraging the practice of prostitution and eating food sacrificed to idols. ( Numbers 22-24)

This became a major stumbling block for the Israelites, leading thousands to their death.The spirit of Balaam is just as alive in our days as in the days when Israel was heading to the Promised Land. His counsel has led many people to abandon the sound doctrine of the Word of God, and to give themselves over to spiritual corruption, and consequently to eternal death.

The devil has always worked on two fronts: he raises up persecution from the outside, and on the inside, he uses false converts to spread demoniac teachings to lead whoever he can to worldliness, depravity and immorality. (1 John 2:15)

The Nicolaitans, though they professed a faith in Jesus, followed the teachings of a certain Nicolas. He taught the false doctrine that everything was allowed, as if sins committed by the body could not affect the spirit. So, they tried to reconcile the deeds of the flesh with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, as if that were possible. (Galatians5:16-17)

The doctrines of the Nicolaitans introduced immorality and debauchery into the church (Gal.5:13; Jude 4) resembling the doctrines of Balaam, who taught people to eat food sacrificed to idols, and practice all kinds of fornication.

Task: Have you been giving in to desires of your flesh?

Have you been flirting with temptation?

Enough! Make a vow with God that you will not allow anything to compromise your faith anymore.

Reminder: Continue asking God to help you overcome anxieties and trust Him.

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