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Fast of Daniel ninth day

Work up a sweat!

BODY – Task

You will exercise till you really sweat!

Go at your own pace and if for medical reasons you cannot do it, consult your doctor and follow their advice.

SOUL - Task

How active are you in the church?

Decide to become a prayer warrior from today on. If you have any difficult speak to your pastor and let him know your condition And from today on decide to overcome it.


Meditate on Revelation 3: 7-13 - The Faithful Church.

Only read the text below after reading the Bible passage.

The characteristics of the church show its greatness before the Lord, since it's given no criticism, but only praise. Though it has been close to those who were spiritually dead, like the Christians of Sardis, it remained pure and alive for God. This serves as an example for those who have fallen in their faith because of the bad testimony of others.

The church of Philadelphia was surrounded by false Christians, and even though it had little strength, it did not deny the Lord Jesus and His Word. The Lord Jesus identified Himself to this church as One who is Holy and True, because that church was also holy and true, meaning that it reflected the character of its Lord who dwelt within it.

The holiness of the Christians of Philadelphia could be seen daily, as they distanced themselves from anything that could keep them away from God.

The Lord Jesus exhorts the Church of Philadelphia to always preserve the same spiritual standards of faith, because only then could it hold on to the crown of life.

Many have this same quality in their spiritual life but become complacent in their faith and are seduced by the pleasures of the world.


Many who were once among us, have fallen because they have shifted their focus from Jesus to man. Don't let people’s poison contaminate you! if it did, ask Jesus to forgive and cleanse you.

If you haven't been doing so, continue following the example of the church in Philadelphia; keep your eyes on Jesus, listen to His voice, keep your heart clean, stay away from what corrupts you.

Satan will do everything he can to steal your crown. Today, he still uses the same strategy he did in heaven, watch out!

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