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Fast of Daniel tenth day


One of the things you should do to maintain a healthy blood pressure is to avoid salty food. Avoid using slat at the table and try reducing the amount you use when cooking.

Task: Cut down on your salt intake.

SOUL - Task

Pray for those who have distanced themselves from God. If you know anyone in this situation, reach out to them and get in touch: give them support.


Meditate on Revelation 3:14-22 - The Lukewarm Church.

Only read the text below after reading the Bible passage.

I could wish you were cold or hot!

That means, 'I wish you were either totally unbelieving or fervently Christian!'

A person should be either one thing or the other. That is the meaning of this expression.

That state of spiritual 'lukewarmness' was so unacceptable to the Lord Jesus that it made Him nauseous. This shows that He does not accept an undefined faith.

Many Christians are living from defeat to defeat, precisely because they do not take a firm and definite stand for their faith.

They try to be 'sort of a Christian' and 'kind of' practice the Word of God. But for the Lord Jesus, 'sort of' does not exist! Either it is, or it is not! Nobody can remain 'on the fence.' In fact, 'the fence' already has an owner, and that is the devil himself.

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