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Ever wondered why you’ve been feeling alone and despised? Why your prayers no longer seem to bring you any results? Or, why so many things are happening to you but you have no control, or know how to fix it?

The Temple of Solomon, in the past and still, today, represents the glory of the God of Israel among His people – the pure faith of Abraham and his obedience to God. Frequently, when the children of Israel would wander, or gradually drift away from God, they began to feel that He was far away from them – and hard to reach, even though He was always there for them.

Every one of us today represents God’s templeand no one is exempt frommaking decisions or taking actions to restore the temple that lays in ruin from sin (lust, anger, greed, hate, bitterness, envy, malice, jealousy, etc.) which have destroyed our temple.

Maybe, you’re wondering what has this got to do with me? You may not have committed a terrible crime but, maybe, you’ve turned your back on God. Over the years, you have slowly drifted away from Him, and you’ve been wishing that everything could be back to normal or better than they were before.

For example, you wish you could:

… Experience the joy of the Holy Spirit again … Have His peace no matter where you are … Have the greatest gift of all – His salvation, and much more

But what would you give to conquer everything again and, for free?

No matter what you’ve done and how you’ve lived your life, your temple can be restored! Everyone has the right to start again.

For this reason, for the next three Fridays, starting on Friday, 17th January, we are having the Friday of Restoration, where you will have the opportunity to unite your faith with God.

Start by making this Friday, the beginning of a change in you, and restore a relationship, which is worth saving?

This message is from the web site of our UCKG in UK.

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