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Fast of Daniel

What is the Fast of Daniel?

The fast of Daniel is based on the purpose described in chapter 10 of the book of Daniel, in the Bible. For 21 days, Daniel decided to fast to seek favor, wisdom and understanding from God.

Today, among the things that most hinder our communion with God are distractions - all forms of entertainment and secular information that bombard us all the time. This is exactly the purpose of the Fast of Daniel: to open our ears to the voice of God.

Even because life has an expiration date. All the time we are faced with the consequences of our decisions. And many have spent their lives in sin, mistakes and injustices.

This is your opportunity. Make no mistake, thinking that 21 days will be many, because, whether or not you participate in this fast, those three weeks will pass. But those who participate with determination and sincerity, will end up transformed, renewed, baptized with the Holy Spirit.

And secular information and music, bad conversations, will not be part of this period. You will be focused on seeking the Holy Spirit, meditating on the Word of God, reading the literature and messages on Bishop Macedo's blog, accessing our social networks, participating in our online meetings, always trying to be aware of what the Holy Spirit will ask you: sometimes your eyes are dirty, your heart is full of pride, your anxiety and worry has led you to take hasty actions, among others. All of this we will be sacrificing, putting aside our own will so that the Voice of God is audible.

Get ready!

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