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Fast of Daniel thirteenth day


Work up a sweat!


You will exercise till you really sweat! Go at your own pace and if for medical reasons you cannot do it, consult your doctor and follow their advice.


"...For the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me." (John 14:30)

The Lord Jesus said that He had nothing in common with satan, meaning that the Son of God never harboured any thoughts or feelings that could link Him to the devil.

He never used of any of the devil's principles or strategies, nor did He accept his suggestions or take his shortcuts. He was never unfair, disobedient, fretful or proud.

He was free of guilt! His body, soul and spirit were clean.

Imagine how much the devil fought to try and plant at least one bad seed inside the Lord Jesus' heat! But he failed.

Therefore, we have a perfect Saviour, despite everything that He went through.

But now we must ask:

Can we say the same about ourselves? When God looks at us, can He also say that He doesn't see any attributes of the devil inside of us?

One thing is certain: evil always rises against us, and the only way for us to prevail against it is to live a life of sanctification daily, in the presence of the Most High.

"NOTHING" means nothing. There can be nothing from the devil inside of us because otherwise, he will have the advantage he needs to defeat us.


If you have a guilty conscience, repent and put an end to the devil's violence against you.


Let's continue learning and practicing important lessons from the lives of the heroes of faith.

Meditate on Exodus 17:6-15.


As Moses did, in the morning and in the evening, lift up your hands and rebuke all evil that is working against you and against the Church.

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